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Anna Sviridova ein klassischer Ost-Girls Scam (Live Report)

Anna ist ein überführter Scam,
 um zu zeigen wie gut die Antworten bereits geworden sind der Bertüger, habe ich mich darauf eingelassen und möchte Euch hier den Schriftverkehr (LIVE) übermitteln. Dieser wird hier laufend erweitert...

Es begann mit einer Anzeige im Internet:

Der erste Kontakt, WarmUP:
Von Anna Sviridova annasviridova83@mail.ru
Datum 13. Dezember 2010 11:48
Gesendet von annasviridova83@mail.ru
13. Dez. (Vor 13 Tagen)

Hallo my dear friend Martin!!!!!!! I am glad to receive from you the letter!!!!!!!! You very beautiful man!!! At you the beautiful body, a smile and eyes which speak to me about that that you the good person!!!!!!!
I was born in the big but amicable family. My parents have brought up me as the lady. I am on this site not for game I wish to find the significant other of soul. Or to have possibility to travel and see as there live people in other countries!!! But I was not outside of Ukraine, and I hope that soon my dream to be executed. I consider myself as the happy person!!!! Because I am engaged in favourite business. When to me the girl I comes I create to it new style. I worked in showroom on tailoring in which I increased quantity of the clients. And now I work at home, but I wish to open the showroom.

Gute Antwort auf meine erste Mail zum Thema Reisen:
Von Anna Sviridova annasviridova83@mail.ru
Datum 23. Dezember 2010 19:39
Betreff Re[2]:
Gesendet von annasviridova83@mail.ru
23. Dez. (Vor 3 Tagen)

dear martin!!!!!!!
WAW!!!!!!!!!! You to visit many countries??????? Tell what??????? I hope that I will have possibility to have such adventures with you!!!!!?????? How you think it probably???????

Nun will er meine Kontaktdaten,damit er besser antworten kann_
Von Anna Sviridova annasviridova83@mail.ru
Datum 26. Dezember 2010 11:22
Betreff Re[4]:
Gesendet von annasviridova83@mail.ru
11:22 (Vor 3 Stunden)

hello sweet martin !!!!!
I too am very glad to see your letter!!!!!!!
You know that I earlier not when weren't outside of Ukraine!!!!!!!! And I very much want to have big adventures!!!!! I will be glad to arrive to you!!!!!!! Write me the coordinates.
Your country?, your city?, the airport name?, if the airport not to be at you in a city that to me it is necessary to know the city name in which he is?, the name of hotel being near your house? Also it is desirable him email?
Your full name?

Mal sehen was noch kommt...

Wichtig: nicht hereinfallen!!!
Die Internetseite wo mich der Betrüger entdekct hat, hat mich von sich aus darauf aufmerksam gemacht, das es ein Scam ist. Daher muss ich für die Portalseite ein dickes Lob aussprechen...

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