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Betrugsabsicht: Money Gram Malaysia, von wirote_j@advanceagro.com

Diesmal ein Unternehmen wie WesternUnion, in diesem Fall ist es "Money Gram Malaysia "  für das sich die Betrüger auch gerne ausgeben:

MONEY GRAM CUSTOMER CARE, wirote_j@advanceagro.com
21st Floor, Jalan Kampar, Plaza Permata,50400, Kuala Lumpur. 

The G-20 Group in relationship with HSBC London has concluded that our workingpartner (Money Gram Malaysia) has helped us to send your first instalmentalpayment of US$5,000 as instructed by the Group of Twenty (G-20) in conjuctionwith the Malaysia government and will keep sending you $5000 twice a week untilthe full payment of (US$820,000 ) is fully remitted to you.
Here is the informations of the $5000.00 your first payoutMONEY TRANSFER REFERENCE:66-097-334SENDER'S NAME: kelly PedersenAMOUNT: US$5000
To track your funds, You are to forward your name to our money gram agent(Mr RonEdwards) via email: monegrmalaysia@yahoo.co.jpYour Name __________________________Phone number _______________________
Contact Mr Ron Edwards for the funds clearance certificate necessary for therelease of your funds E-mail: monegrmalaysia@yahoo.co.jp 
Best Regards,Mrs Patricia Lee

Auch wieder mit dem entsprechenden Warnhinweis, einfach zu erkennen bei GMAIL:

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