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Scam Test Geschichte: Olga eine hübsche Frau aus dem Osten (Russland)

Olga, 28 Jahre, aus Yoshkar-Ola, Russia (Scam)
Wieder einmal lasse ich mich für Aufklärungszwecke auf eine typische Scam Geschichte ein.
Diesmal hat der erste Kontakt über eine Datingplattform stattgefunden, die Dame (der Scammer) hat alles genutzt um in Kontakt mit möglichst vielen Männern zu treten und daher natürlich mein Interesse geweckt. Ichbin mir ganz sicher, das es sich dabei um eine gut gemachte Scam/Betrugsmasche handelt.

Hier der erste Verlauf, welche laufend hier aktualisiert wird:

Name: Olga, 28 Jahre alt.
From:  Yoshkar-Ola, Russia
Appearance5'5" (166 cm) height
120 lbs (54 kg) weight
Brown/Hazel eyes
Black hair
Marital statusSingle, no children
EducationBachelor degree
Doesn't belong to major religions
Social drinker
SeekingA guy 28-47 y.o.
My name is Olga, I am russian girl. I am interesting, sociable, clever and decent girl, but I am lonely. I want to find my half... Where are you? I come on this site to find here the man who will be for me the best on a planet. I very much need in the true love and care. I very much hope that I can find my prince here. I very much want to be the good wife.

Erste Antwort:

Von: olchiksklv@gmail.com

Betreff: Hi from Olga!

Hello xxx,
How are you? Thank you for having attention to my profile and you made the right decision that you wrote to me. It's interesting, and we have achance to know each other and who knows what canhappen from this. And now let me introduce myselfand tell a little about myself. My name is Olga,and my birthday is 26-th of September 1983, so Iam 28 now. I am a young, beautiful and activegirl. I would like to meet right nice man who canmake me follow him and can respect and appreciate me as a person. I hope to meet intelligent,romantic , kind, sensitive, faithful man who is ready for marriage based on respect and trust, andwho appreciates the love, the feelings and needslove and support of a caring and sincere woman.I'll be very glad to meet with someone to share mydreams and desires. I know English and I canwrite, read and speak English. So it will be easier to communicate, because I know English. 
I have never been married and haven't children. And I'm single now for 1,5 years. I don't smoke and I drink very rarely, only a glass of champagne or wine during the holidays. I was born in an ordinary Russian family in Russia in cityYoshkar-Ola, and I still live in Yoshkar-Ola andmy family still live here. My parents are goodpeople and they are happily married for 40 years.I have one older brother, who is married and have two daughters, so I have 2 nieces. And I have avery good relationship with my parents and my mom is the best friend for me. I think I am a happywoman, because I have a happy family, good friendsand interesting work. But what is really missing in my life is female happiness, right and beloved man, with whom I can share everything in my lifeand that could make me happier. I have never been married and I have no children. But I think in the near future, my life could change. 
I work as manicure for a beauty salon. And I really love my job, although it doesn't bring a lot of money. I enjoy my work. I am optimistic andI love life, but sometimes life is unpredict able and not always pleasant. But I always try to be positive and hope for the best. 
Ok, I will finish my letter now. And I hope to getan answer to my letter soon. I am very interestedin you and hope that you have serious intentionsto build a relationship. If so, please tell meabout yourself, your life, work and family. 
I'm sending you some of my photos and hope thatyou will appreciate my photos. 
Take care of yourself.Your Olga.
Anhänge: (Bilder)
Olga eine hübsche Russin. (Scam, Betrug)
Olga eine hübsche Russin. (Scam, Betrug)

Olga eine hübsche Russin. (Scam, Betrug)
Olga eine hübsche Russin. (Scam, Betrug)

Olga eine hübsche Russin. (Scam, Betrug)
Olga eine hübsche Russin. (Scam, Betrug)

Olga eine hübsche Russin. (Scam, Betrug)
Olga eine hübsche Russin. (Scam, Betrug) 

Als Antwort habe ich nochmals gebeten mich in Skype zu kontaktieren, oder mir Ihre Telefonnummer zu geben. Ich bin mir sicher, das dies nicht passieren wird.. :) Nebenei ist das der gleiche Scammer wie der Absender: karrakut@yahoo.com :)

Die Antwort folgte heute, natürlich OHNE Skype und auch OHNE Telefonnummer, wie zu erwarten war: 

Von: olchiksklv@gmail.com 

Betreff:  It's again me Olga ))))))

Hello Martin,

I'm very glad to get an answer to my letter. I
waited your letter with impatience, thanks!

Dear Martin, unfortunately I haven't opportunity
to use skype or another messenger, because I use
computer at work. Hope you understand me.

I do not know the consequences of our
acquaintance, but I hope it can develop into
something serious between us. I never thought that
I would look for my beloved on the Internet. It
may seem strange why I can't find happiness in my
city. Truly I'm disappointed by Russian men. So I
took the decision to try the internet. I know a
few girls who have married a foreigner and they
are happy together. Yes, it must be hard to leave
Russia, to leave my family, friends and work. But
I'm really ready for such a step, if I meet the
right man. I know that foreign men know how to
appreciate and take care of their women and
families. And I truly believe that I will meet man
and be happy. And perhaps this man is you!

I have a nice small family. I have brother Roman
32 years, he married and have 2 daughters. And I
very much love my family and my little nieces.

What else? Ohhhh yes, my height 167 cm and my
weight is 53 kg. I'm not the most beautiful woman
in the world, but I know what I want from life. I
know how to make happy my man to take care of the
family. And I can be a good wife and mother for my
future children.

Ok, I do not want my writing has become dull and
now I will finish it. Please tell me what the
perfect woman for you? How do you imagine an ideal
relationship between a man and a woman? And please
tell me about your past relationships. Why did it

Hope to see your letter soon ...

Sincerely yours,

P.S. I send to you a few of my photos. I hope you
like them. Just waiting for pictures of you and
hope that you will send!

Olga eine hübsche Russin. (Scam, Betrug)
Olga eine hübsche Russin. (Scam, Betrug)

Olga eine hübsche Russin. (Scam, Betrug)
Olga eine hübsche Russin. (Scam, Betrug) 

Olga eine hübsche Russin. (Scam, Betrug)
Olga eine hübsche Russin. (Scam, Betrug)

Die letzte Nachricht von heute:
My phone number is +796486146xx. My spoken English
is very bad, not as write and read, but I hope
that we will understand each other. You also can
send SMS to me.

Es wird immer spannender, ich habe Ihr natürlich gleich eine SMS gesendet und warte auf Antwort.


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