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Job Phishing: Company stemming from Gibraltar is searching for good workers throughout all of Europe.

Job Phishing Mail!

Anfang der weitergeleiteten E‑Mail:

Von: <mar
Datum: 29. Oktober 2012 19:10:19 MEZ
An: <mar
Betreff: Company stemming from Gibraltar is searching for good workers throughout all of Europe.

Currently our company offering services in the e-commerce and Information Technology fields is
searching for potential candidates in Europe to assist in allocating various investment options throughout
the Information Technology sector.

All of this may be done with absolutely no monetary commitment or change of residency commitment on your part.
5,000 Euro a month salary for just several hours invested each day.

Rep's main activities:
-Representative will be processing fund transfers from his or her bank account.
This is completed through the submission of outward bound payments that have been previously sent to your account.
Therefore it is mandated that you have at least a fundamental understanding of banking and payment sending processes
 and procedures.
-There is a five-percent bonus in addition to the 5k EURO monthly wage for each funds transfer that you complete!

What we must have from you:
-Power of Attorney of LLC or similar or Owner of LLC or similar
-Bank account in good standing
-Trustworthy and on time payment processing
-Responding to e-mail communications from us, daily
-Remain up to date with record keeping of payments managed
-Initial work trial period required

If this sounds right for you, please forward these following details to our company e-mail:
-Your Entire Name
-Your Telephone Number in the International Format
-E-mail Address
-Age You Presently Are
-Title of Organization You Own or Hold POA over

Please reply to:Wilma@europes-consulting.com.

Do not use the reply feature.
With Regards,
Division of Human Resources

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