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Phishing: OFFER

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: DZ BANK AG <dzbank01@oboj.net>
Date: 2012/12/21
Subject: OFFER

Manfred Gerhard Fasel

Hello and Good day,
My name is Manfred Gerhard Fasel , DZ BANK AG  .I discovered a huge sum secretly in a high profile  account,on
investigation I discovered it belongs to a late President without any administrator.

I want you to partner with me to transfer this funds out into your account.
We shall share the money in terms that we will both agree .
Let me know if you are willing to partner with me.
Please do in your reply email state your:
1.Full Name
2.phone number
I call to give you more  information.

I await your reply,
Yours Truly
Manfred Gerhard Fasel

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