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SCAM: Microsoft Partnership

Schlecht gemacht und trotzdem SCAM

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Microsoft <email@microsoft.microsoft.com>
Date: 2015-10-02 2:05 GMT+02:00
Subject: Microsoft Partnership
To: m


Confirm Receipt of this mail with Ref. No.: 420C/MCA, Batch: 864/15.

This is an official notification to you by the board of trustees of Microsoft Partner Awareness Team as one of the recipients of cash Grant Award for your personal business and community development. Microsoft Partner Awareness Team is conceived with the objective of humanitarian growth and community development. When our giving program began in 1983, approximately 200 Microsoft employees raised $17,000 for non-profits. Today, more than 35,000 employees participate in the campaign, which is approximately 65% of Microsoft's total U.S. workforce. Now we've reached a milestone that really has us shouting for joy: our 32nd Employee Giving Campaign, and $1 billion in employee contributions to more than 31,000 non-profits around the world since 1983.

To celebrate the 32nd anniversary program, Microsoft Partner Awareness Team is giving out a cash donation of £1,864,000.00 GBP each to 6 lucky recipients and you are one of the lucky recipients. Quickly confirm the receipt of this mail by filling the form below correctly and you will be duly informed on what next to do. At Microsoft, giving is ingrained in our culture, a cornerstone of our citizenship and as our employees will tell you, one of the most rewarding — not to mention fun — aspects of our jobs.

Endeavor to contact Microsoft Partner Awareness Team, United Kingdom with the following details below alongside your (Ref No.: 420C/MCA, Batch: 864/15) to avoid unnecessary delay.

General Counsel & Executive Vice President, Legal and Corporate Affairs, Microsoft®
Brad Smith
E-mail: microxpandyo@naver.com
Website: https://mspartner.microsoft.com

(i) Name: (ii) Occupation: (iii) Address: (iv) Telephone: (v) Email:

Congratulations from the staffs & members of the Microsoft Awareness Team.


Satya Nadella
Executive Chairman, Microsoft Corporation

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